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Scale and Proportion
Courtesy of ARAContent
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May 21th, 2007
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                One of the areas which I would like to address is the proper use of scale and proportion in interior spaces. With ceilings of new homes rising to eighteen feet or higher, many of us who have homes like this are feeling overwhelmed within their rooms. When entering a home with great heights, we are all impressed with the feeling of openness and the palatial effect the house has. However such volume can actually have negative effects, making one feel diminished and out of scale. Many clients will comment to me that, while the voluptuous space is what attracted them to purchase their home initially, once they move in, they did not feel connected to the house and had difficulty making it feel like “home”. Furthermore, many people, prior to retaining my services, had made expensive mistakes, purchasing over scaled furniture pieces, hoping that these would help consume some of the space. br />                 The question is: “how do I contain this type of space and make it ‘livable’ because I feel like I am floating around in this museum?” Again, high ceilings are impressive, for sure, but we are actually living on the ground plane, not way up in the ozone. Visually, there are some tricks which will bring the height down to reality, without diminishing the wonderful feeling of volume which we all love. Creating zones on the wall plane can be a useful way to accomplish this. For instance, let’s take a living room with ceilings that are eighteen feet high. The challenge is to not detract from the height, but create a comfortable, warm and cozy feeling in the room, which will promote good conversation and foster that feeling of “livability”. Using picture moldings to create two to three horizontal bands around the room with different values of a paint color is a great way to do this. Taking our eighteen foot example, you may want to install a picture molding two to three feet below the ceiling and around the room. From that molding, drop down four or five feet, and install another picture molding around the room, creating another wall band. Then you have the rest of the wall below, with the lower picture molding creating a virtual ceiling line at about ten feet high. br />                 Now, let’s add a paint color to the mix. Again, we will use one hue or color, and three values of this color, from darker to light, going up the wall. So, paint the main part of the wall to the ten foot level the deepest value of the color. Then between the two bands of molding, at the second level, go one or two shades lighter in your color. Then from the top band to the ceiling, go with the lightest value of your selected color. Now when you walk into the living room, your eye will stay down below the ten foot mark. The room will still feel volumous, but will have a more human scale and there will be a feeling of psychological comfort in the room. br />                 Another area that has to do with scale and proportion is the size of furniture. Often clients, being mislead by vast ceiling heights and thinking their rooms are more spacious than they actually are, have made costly mistakes by purchasing furniture that is larger than the actual “furniture footprint” of the room. It is important to first note the main circulation paths in the room and to other rooms and even to outdoors. Also note any door openings. From here you can determine the actual floor space where the furniture will be placed. It is easy to have a 15’ x 17’ family room with an actual furniture footprint of only 9’ x 9’. This happened to clients of
Posted: 5/21/2007 9:00:12 AM by Brenda Weiss | with 0 Comments Filed under: .

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