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Preferred Contractor Program

About the Preferred Contractor Program
How will the Preferred Contractor Program work for my business?
Our Guarantee to You
Questions Answered
Driving Local Customers to You
Understanding Your Business
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Understanding your business.
To bring you the most appropriate matches as quickly and consistently as possible, we want to really understand your particular business. We will ask you to fill out a simple three-step online profile that will serve as the basic fingerprint for your company. This profile helps us to understand exactly what your business does and the geographical areas that you serve.
 STEP 1 Keyword Selection

Tell us keywords and phrases that your customers would use when searching online for your products or services.
 STEP 2 Category Matching

Select matching categories that best describe the products or services you offer. We use these matching categories to assign the right types of projects to you. Your business will be featured on our website in 5 categories that you select. (If you need more than five categories, just let us know; placement in additional categories is available for a nominal fee.)
 STEP 3 Your Service Area

Tell us what areas you serve. Areas are broken down by state, county, city and ZIP code.
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Most Searched Types:
exterior painting or staining - new
interior painting or staining - new
kitchen - remodel
plumber - general services
drywall - install
Top Search Keywords:
exterior painting or staining - new
kitchen remodeling - major
remodeling - major
roofing - composite
additions - minor
painting - interior
bath remodeling - major
painting - minor
siding - vinyl
remodeling - minor
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