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Preferred Contractor Program

About the Preferred Contractor Program
How will the Preferred Contractor Program work for my business?
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Questions Answered
 Why am I not getting any leads?

From before your first purchase with EveryContractor and through your relationship with us, we are always checking and reminding you to either complete or update your company profile. It is through this profile that our computers match all leads to you and assigns them to your account. If the information that is listed in the profile is inaccurate Then the leads you receive will be inaccurate. If your profile is completed and current there is a possibility that nothing is available in your specified areas at this time. Review your profile, could you possibly add additional categories to what you do or could possible enlarge your service area? Any of these modifications will help in increasing the leads that you get.
 As a Preferred Contractor, will I receive exclusive leads?

If anyone promises you “exclusive leads” they are probably being dishonest with you. We won’t do that ever. Our business model is based on honesty and integrity, and we want to explain right up front why exclusivity does not work. Exclusivity will be your downfall—and we want you to succeed!
 But isn’t an exclusive lead the best way to guarantee that I get job?

At first blush, it may seem that exclusive leads work. However, years of experience with residential and commercial and municipal jobs have taught us otherwise. We’ve learned that consumers value choice. When a consumer comes to us, one of the first questions we ask is, “How many bids you want?”. This sometimes surprises consumers – our willingness to meet their needs and respect their time – and it’s one of the things that bring consumers back to EveryContractor again and again, resulting in more business for the members of our network. If we were to offer to just one lead( an “exclusive lead”), The consumer would go else where for the second, third or even ten more leads. We’d have no way of tracking those leads or giving you any information about them. What we do is different, and it works. It works for you. We’ll share with you the bids and timelines provided by other contractors, because we track all of that information. That alone is invaluable. It’s market research that we conduct FOR YOU for no additional charge.
 If an exclusive lead isn’t the best way to get a job, what is?

The best way to increase your ROI is what EveryContractor.com is all about: we match you with the right jobs for you. We’ll take the time to make the best connections possible, in terms of size and scope of each job, the location, the timing, and the preferences of the consumer. We take all the guesswork out of the equation, freeing you to bid on the jobs that are the best possible fit for you. Our goal is for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and we work hard behind the scenes to set you up for success.
 What type of customers have used your service? Who will be connected with through EveryContractor?

Our customer list reads like a Who’s Who in the business world: All State Insurance, AmeriGas, Boy Scouts of America, SimplexGrinnel, the Washington Post, even the FBI. Just as important to us are the many thousands of customers – including homeowners, real estate agents, developers, investors, general contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and insurance companies—seeking the highest quality service providers in the world.
 Who can I call to get more information about EveryContractor.com?

If you would like to get a broad overview of the past 10 years, we recommend that you call the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. You will learn that 10 years, any complaint has been made has been addressed (and yes we — like everyone else – have had complaints so don’t fault us for being too perfect!). We take every one’s input seriously and we work hard constantly improve our unique business model; our success is based on your success.
 Will EveryContractor.com provide me with references – currents clients I can call?

EveryContractor.com’s privacy policy is designed to protect the privacy and respect the time of all of our members. Therefore, we don’t publish or give out the telephone numbers of our clients. In the past our client received an overwhelming number of calls from different potential customers inquiring about our service. Our clients have, at times, fielded hundreds of calls on our behalf and it has been fair to burden them with task .
 What do current clients say about their experience with EveryContractor.com?

We’re glad you asked! EveryContractor.com constantly updates its testimonials from our Preferred Contractors and our Featured Listing members.
 Who is in the EveryContractor.com network?

Our network of 35,000+ contractors and service professionals work in every aspect of residential and commercial construction. They include top-notch providers from companies of all sizes: large corporations, mid-size companies and independent contractors working in close to 1000 different categories of service.
 What about leads that come in over the weekend or on holidays?

At EvereyContractor, we recognize that business opportunities are not limited to the 9-5 work day. So we’ve built our business model to provide you with leads in real time. We will send you the leads –even on weekends or holidays—via text messages or automated telephone call. We know that homeowners and general contractors who need your assistance on weekends and holidays are especially enthusiastic about hearing from you. We ask that you respond to all leads –a simple telephone call means so much to a consumer—with in 24 hours. Let the consumer know that you have received the request, and whether you can meet with him on the weekend or holiday or prefer to set an appointment for the coming week. This is the type of service that will grow your business with repeat jobs and numerous referrals. We’re working for you 24/7, sending leads in real time, because at EveryContractor , your success is our bottom line.
 What is the definition of a qualified lead?

Lead qualification is determined by your company profile. All leads that are sent to you will match the details you provide on your company profile: please keep it up to date so that we can continue sending you the best matches for your company!
 Are all of my leads prequalified?

Our focus is on making the best possible matches, every time. We’ll connect you with customers who are looking for the services you provide; we do this by using our proprietary technology that matches consumers requests to the data in your company profile.
 I never pay money up front.

We have more than 30,000 clients and have been in business since 1998. our success is based on your bottom line: you can rest assured that we are not interested in taking your money up front and not delivering. we offer a money-back guarantee as long as you adhere to the Terms and Conditions of your contract with us.
 I’ll tell you what: send me the work and I will pay you a referral fee for every job I sell.

At one time, we have delivered work upfront and attempted to collect the referral fee at the completion of each job. However, we found that collecting the fee after the fact was so time-consuming that it took away from our primary work: marketing our clients to help you grow your business
 My business never changes. Why I need to update my profile?

Even if you make no changes to your profile, it’s critical that you approve it periodically as stated in your Terms and Conditions. Our system needs to “read” your profile as current(approved every 90 days) to include your company in our proprietary matching process.
 Why do I have approve or update my profile every 90 days?

If your profile is not approved your company will go into “inactive status”. If your company is in “inactive status“ methods of marketing are not activated.
 How long will it take to achieve my ROI?

We are motivated to provide you results as quickly as possible. As soon as you join our network, we will begin aggressively marketing your business.
 What is the Every Contractor network?

The Every Contractor network consists of thousands of contractors, service professionals, general contractors and many other professionals through out the United States and Canada. Our network includes nearly 1,000 different categories in residential and commercial construction.
 How does Every Contractor market and advertise my company?

Our marketing team will create customized marketing campaigns tailored to the services or products your business offers. This will result in the right kind of internet traffic visiting your website – that is, traffic that converts to customers. In addition, Every Contractor utilizes traditional marketing methods such as print or television advertising, trade shows and industry events. We recognize that your time is the best spent doing your work; we’re marketing professionals and our goal is to be your long-term marketing partner.
 What if you match me with customers but I don’t win the job?

We care about delivering customers who are so well matched to your service that they will hire you. Our job is to deliver you an ROI that makes working with Every Contractor the best marketing investment your company has ever made. If it takes five bids or 50, we will work hard for you until you reach the ROI we’ve promised. We market until tis happens. It’s that sample.
 How does EveryContractor.com benefit?

EveryContractor’s ultimate goal is be your company’s marketing partner. Our money is made once you decide that we have done our job. We want you to keep coming back, year after year, and we believe that you will do just that once you experience the EveryContractor difference.
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