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Associations and Franchise Programs

About Associations and Franchise Programs
How Does a Franchise Qualify?
How Does a Association Qualify?
Why Should I Enroll?
Where Do The Leads Come From?
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Associations and Franchise Programs    

EveryContractor is delighted to offer expanded Guaranteed ROI Programs for Associations and Franchises across the United States and Canada. If you are a Franchisee or are franchising your own company, or if you administer or belong to a trade or professional organization within the construction industry, EC’s Preferred level programs can offer guaranteed business, marketing expertise and a great kick start to new and more well-established Franchisees/Members alike. (For the purposes of this site, Associations and Organizations are interchangeable).

What is EveryContractor’s Franchise & Association Program?
The EC Franchise & Associations Dept has developed a Preferred level program that provides eligible franchises and certain associations specific guarantees of business within the framework of residential, commercial and industrial markets. Geared to take advantage of the cost effectiveness of a volume program, and to provide custom localized campaigns in conjunction with a broader national focus, EC offers several programs to build, broaden or dominate each individual franchisees local territory, while providing a guarantee of contracted work as a result of that marketing.
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How Does a Franchise Qualify?    
Exactly what is a Franchise?
Franchises are defined as companies consisting of a corporate headquarters and one or more individual offices, owned either individually or by the originating company itself. Traditionally, franchisees are licensees of the name and products of a parent company, and are created by paying a fee to the parent company for those licensing rights, product support and marketing support. In return, the franchisee must pay a percentage of its gross sales to the parent company, and often pays as well as smaller percentage towards national marketing campaigns that are administered by the corporate office.
Is there a minimum number of franchisees required to qualify for EveryContractor’s Franchise programs?

That requires two answers. First, a company just beginning to offer franchises may be eligible for the Franchise program if its intention is to increase the number of franchisees in their system regularly over time. Second, a franchise or association does not have to enroll a minimum number of its offices to be eligible for the Franchise program, but certain extra benefits are only available with a minimum number of enrolled offices

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How Does a Association Qualify?    
What constitutes an Association?
An Association is defined as a professional trade organization requiring payment of membership dues, offering a variety of services to its members (often including insurance discounts, marketing discounts, professional referrals, etc), and often includes the requirement of a specific level of certification or expertise in the field of its membership as well.
How does an Association qualify for enrollment in one of EC’s Preferred programs?

Associations may enroll in one of EC’s Preferred Level Associations programs as a whole, or may offer enrollment to its members at large on an individual basis. Often, the offer of eligibility for the Preferred program for an individual contractor is a strong tool for recruiting new members and to reward the continued participation of older members. Associations wishing to offer enrollment in the EC Associations program as a part of their membership package, or to offer discounted enrollment to its members, may set up national eligibility standards for its members that EC will adhere to in determining the enrollment status of each member contractor.

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Why Should I Enroll?    
Why should a Franchise Company or Trade or Professional Association participate in the EveryContractor Preferred level Programs?
The EC Preferred Level Programs offer benefits to both the Franchisee/Member and to the Parent Company/Association. Benefits to the individual enrollee include increased sales, the ability to broaden, expand or limit markets at will, guaranteed return on the enrollment cost and increased time and cost effectiveness in their marketing program. The Programs offered also allow the smaller franchises to benefit from the marketing to the same extent that the larger franchises do, while the larger offices benefit by becoming eligible for the increased returns guaranteed by EC on the volume of franchisees/Members enrolled.
For the Parent Company/Association the EC Preferred Level Programs offer increased sales, especially in those smaller, more particular markets that most national marketing affects on a more limited scale, daily reporting on Jobs assigned, Picked Up, Won and the time frames involved in each. By tracking the response times and habits of each franchisee/member business trends can be pinpointed and potential problems addressed quickly and effectively. In addition, because each individual office has a local guarantee, each franchise or member becomes more profitable.

For small companies wishing to build their franchisee base, including automatic enrollment in the Preferred level program can be a great tool for closing the sale with a potential franchisee. Being able to offer a specific dollar guarantee of business within a set time frame, or unlimited business for a specific period of time, can help new owners get over the ‘New Business Jitters” and start building their markets immediately.

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Where Do The Leads Come From?    
Are leads generated strictly from the Internet in the Preferred Level Programs?
No. EveryContractor has an online interface and search engine in which each Preferred Level Contractor is listed in the premium spaces on their service pages and categories, but work that comes form the Preferred side of our business comes from many different source, including:

• Repeat customers
• Referrals from those customers
• Referrals from our associations with trade and professional groups,
• Insurance carriers for home warranty work and claims work
• Cross referrals from within our system (a flooring contractor recommends us for the cabinet work in a kitchen he’s working on)
• Architectural and design clients
• Associations with consulting companies
• Property management companies
• Investment groups
• Developers
• General Contractor Division (online planroom)

And direct campaigns including:

• Automated phone campaigns
• Direct mail
• Coupon books
• Media
• TV
• Radio
• Print media
• Trade shows
• Home shows

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OK Now I'm Enrolled    
What happens when a Franchisee or an Association member enrolls in one of the Preferred Level programs?
Once a Franchisee or Association member enrolls in the EC Preferred level program, a Jobs Coordinator will be assigned permanently to that contractor. The contractor will receive a call from that Jobs Coordinator within approximately 2 business days to go over his profile, to discuss his particular market, and to confirm his Login information on his online Control Panel. In approximately 5 business days he will receive a Welcome Kit in the regular US Post, and then EC will go to work pulling in potential business for his local area and preferred type of business. Each enrolled Franchisee will have access to his Account Manager, his Jobs Coordinator, and the entire Customer Service Department to facilitate any required contact with  EveryContractor during the course of his Program.
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Enrollee Tools  
What tools are available to enrolled Contractors to help get the most from the Preferred level Programs?
EveryContractor provides each enrolled Contractor an Account Manager, a Jobs Coordinator and a Customer Service Rep for their convenience, and to help build a market without having to re-educate a revolving staff of service personnel within the EC structure. In addition, contractors will have access to a customized online Control Panel, a Company specific online forum and document archive, and a Welcome Kit including Login Information, details on the program and its potential, and a Best Practices Paper to assist Franchisees and Association members to wring the most possible return from the program itself.
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Contact The Franchise & Associations Department  
How do I get my Company/Association to set up a Franchise Program?
Associations and Franchises looking for more information or wishing to set up a Program for their Franchisees/Members may contact Michela at 800-538-3797, option 3, ext 2308 for information, or may click here to request information and/or a call back time for details on how the Programs may work for their groups.
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