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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization
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What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of increasing your web site’s ranking – making sure that your site is seen by the people looking for the services you offer. Entering terms into search engines such as Google is the #1 way that Internet users find web sites. The higher your site’s ranking (the closer to the top it appears in the search results), the more people will see it. Optimizing your site to increase targeted traffic will result in more qualified leads and sales opportunities.
Everyone wants top ranking in the search engines. Unfortunately, many web sites rank poorly (that is, they are buried near the bottom among thousands or even hundreds of thousands of similar sites). EveryContractor has the expertise to change that for you. Search engine optimization takes talent and experience. Our SEO team can make the changes to your site that will:
 Improve the visibility of your site, which means more traffic;
 Increase targeted traffic – that is, potential customers;
 Increase qualified leads who convert to paying customers;
 Increase online areas of influence; and
 Increase your bottom line!
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Most Searched Types:
exterior painting or staining - new
interior painting or staining - new
kitchen - remodel
plumber - general services
drywall - install
Top Search Keywords:
exterior painting or staining - new
kitchen remodeling - major
remodeling - major
roofing - composite
additions - minor
painting - interior
bath remodeling - major
painting - minor
siding - vinyl
remodeling - minor
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