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Our People
Everycontractor believes that its greatest asset is its people and the departments that they are in to serve you.
Our People
EveryContractor's team includes an amazing array of talent, dedication and experience. Every person on our staff plays a critical role in serving two different groups: the consumer (the homeowner, general contractor seeking subcontractors, real estate agent, and the millions of people who use our fast, free and easy service) as well as the service professionals who provide top-notch building, construction, design and remodeling services throughout North America and in the U.K.

EveryContractor is proud that people love to work here: our retention rates are high; the mood and tempo of our offices is upbeat; and we are all excited to be part of bringing the benefits of cutting-edge technology to people who are looking for the best match for building, repairing, or updating their homes and properties.

At EveryContractor, we believe that "high tech solutions" should work for everyone. If the neighborhood kids have thrown a baseball through your window and it needs replacement, or if you run an engineering firm that is planning a commercial office building, our company will match you with the most qualified and most appropriate professional to meet your needs.

And, if you are among the more than 30,000 contractors and service professionals in the EveryContractor network, our team is concurrently working for your growth. Quite simply, our success is based on your bottom line. The EveryContractor approach differs from every other matching service because we follow through each project to make sure that the consumer and the provider have had a productive, successful and pleasant experience.

Pleasant? Yes! Why not? Unlike other matching services, we're about more than connecting as many buyers to sellers as possible. Our business strategy, our in-house technology and all of the people with whom we work across two continents.. all of these elements put together are most meaningful when everyone gets the best possible outcome from working with us. Yes, we realize that our competitors may not call you and ask, "Are you happy" but to us, your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

We invite you to take a tour of the teams working behind the scenes for you:
Serving Consumers
Customer Service Department
When you need a qualified professional for your home or business building or repair, you shouldn't have to wait until "regular" business hours. At EveryContractor, our business hours are every hour: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year (plus one extra day on leap years). If you need assistance on Thanksgiving Day, we're the ones to call. Our dedicated call center is located in the U.S., so you will be speaking with people who understand your language and your needs. Likewise, if you are concerned that your building or remodeling needs happen to fall in the "busy season" for contractors, call us and we will match you with professionals who can serve you right away.

When you call EveryContractor's toll-free number, 1-800-333-4050, our call center specialists will take the time to ask you all the questions necessary to make a match on the spot. Our call center specialists will stay on the line with you and attempt (if available) to place a three-way call to the contractor who best suits your needs.

If you prefer to submit your request online, we appreciate that approach, as well. We’ll review your request and our goal is to respond within 15 minutes by telephone and within 2 minutes via email – let us know what works best for you!

Once the match is made, it's not over. We want to make sure your mission is completed. We’ll call you back and ask you questions about your experience with the contractor. We’ll ask basic questions such as: items regarding to professionalism, responsiveness, quality of work, adherence to budget, did they stay on schedule and project expertise. Our Customer Service Department goes far beyond the task of answering telephones or responding to email inquiries: we want to know that you are happy, and we welcome the opportunity to keep working with you until your job is completed to your satisfaction.
Serving Contractors and Service Professionals
Job Coordination and Customer Information Processing Department
Our Job Coordination and Customer Information Processing Department will collect all the data needed to help identify the most qualified contractor or service provider for every job. We are prepared to help you generate successful projects, repeat business and enthusiastic referrals. This is good for the consumer, and good for the contractor or service professional, too: the contractor or service professional will benefit by receiving high-quality, timely opportunities. If you are a Preferred Contractor, you will be recommended before all other contractors in our network.

Whether a consumer contacts us via telephone or online, we take the time to clarify every detail that will help us to make a great match. This one-to-one, specialized contact helps us to solve consumers’ service needs quickly at no cost to them. It’s a pleasure to make these matches, because our proprietary software - developed over the past decade – is designed to make the best possible matches, for the consumer and the service provider. Our focus is on quality first. We do not base our success on the number of matches, but on the quality and fit of every match.

Your job coordination manager will work with you to create a profession profile and resume (PPR). If you can take the time to answer all of the questions we have developed (and believe us, the ROI is impressive!) we can match you with consumers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

We are committed to giving the consumer the opportunity to decide what he or she wants – and the more details you provide, the better chances we have of matching you to consumers who require your services today.
Preferred Contractor Support Division
Our Preferred Contractor Support Division works with consumers and contractors to make the best possible match, every time. Our goal is not only to match a job type and location, but also to match your goals for the project, keeping in mind all aspects of getting the job done - timeliness, the skill level that best suits your project, even the work style that you prefer.

For homeowners and general contractors seeking the right person for the job, our team members in this division will listen carefully to your goals for the job, understanding what qualities in a service provider are important to you. Do you need a pet-friendly contractor? Would you prefer the contractor work only while you are away from your home or while you are on site? Do you have a language preference? Let us know, so that we can take all the extra steps necessary to create a match that's perfect for you.

Our Preferred Contractors also benefit from the courteous, professional assistance of this division. We'll help you with your contractor profile, including updates, to ensure that we have all the information we need to send you the types of projects that best suit you. We understand that it's the quality of the matches that lead to successful, long-term relationships. Our team will also gracefully handle consumer questions and concerns. The assistance of this division allows you to assure your customers that there will be an entire team of people available to them from start to finish of your job. This frees you to get the job done and earn even more business through referrals by happy customers.
Business Development Division
The business development division serves seven different types of project requestors from across the nation:

Homeowner division
General contractor division
Property management companies division
Real estate agent and agencies division
Insurance companies division
Manufacturers and suppliers division
Developers, investors and property owners division
IT Department
EveryContractor's IT Department is at the heart of our success… which means that it is the heartbeat of your success.

Think for a moment about the vast size and scope of today's Internet world. Anyone can create a website, but only a specialized few can create that website and optimize it to achieve top results for construction- and building-related search terms.

EveryContractor has been around the block in terms of IT. When online business was just taking off, we were in the top 50 registrars of domain names (i.e. www.yourcompanyname.com) in the world! This is because we know our business, and your business, too: our “web guys” are experienced in the fields of construction and building. Our IT department is dedicated to not only building your online business presence, but also taking care of your website property the way your business takes care of residential and commercial properties in your field. We understand what you do.

Is it leads you want? Are you interesting in putting your portfolio online? Are you after a certain look or feel? Our IT department is knowledgeable and robust. Because we understand the building and construction industry – as well as how to make your site achieve the goals that you set – we are ready and able to help you create or update your website to be the most effective “online property” possible.

Everycontractor continues to be on the cutting edge of developing quality products to better serve you in the years to come. Products like our online plan rooms where a service professional can see the plans for his or her project. EveryContractor’s CRM (customer relationship management) solutions have been built in-house, by people who know your business, over the past decade. This solution manages over 1,000,000 contractor records and millions of consumers with construction requests. Where else can you find this combination of tech-savvy and construction-savvy geeks? Your field is our field: construction, repair, engineering, design… you name it. We’ve put together a team who “gets” what you do, and also has the computer smarts to turn your Internet property into a spot where visitors convert to happy, satisfied repeat customers.

We have combined the best of two worlds we love most: construction and high-tech. Isn’t it time that you benefit from both?
Account Manager Division
Your account manager is your first line of contact with potential customers ready to buy the services that you provide. These guys are in it for you: they are not used car-salesmen; instead, consider them your partners in the EveryContractor process.

Your account manager will be available to you from the beginning of your enrollment with EveryContractor. Your account manager will answer questions, resolve concerns and generally help make your experience with us as simple and satisfying as possible. Your account manager’s responsibility is to explain all of the services that EveryContractor offers and help you choose the one that best meets your needs, putting everything in motion for you. They will then pass the baton to the client services division, customer service division and job coordination division.
Website Development Department
The website development division has designed more than 15,000 custom websites for contractors and service professionals all over the world. You can view some of the team’s work at http://www.everycontractor.com/examples .

EveryContractor is proud to develop sites because we know your business. Beyond the canvas of website development, we know what you do, we have a background in building and construction, and we understand what needs to be conveyed to your potential customers. Anyone can build a website for a company, but we can build a website that is building-industry specific, for your company.

EveryContractor has, for the past decade, been on the cutting edge of technological skill and savvy.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Department
We have been optimizing sites in the building and construction industry for more than nine years. We have the experience necessary to know what we can and cannot do. We set goals that we know are attainable.

Some SEO companies will promise you top rankings by the search engines only to disappoint you. Others charge thousands of dollars and provide minimal results. Here at EveryContractor we have made it our job to understand your type of business. We have profiles on thousands of companies in over 900 categories. We have an in-depth understanding of the building and construction industry. We have learned from our clients!

We will work with your company to get you site rankings that matter, rankings that actually convert into sales not just traffic to your site. Being listed on the first page of a search engine results page is nice, but getting top placement for the right keywords and phrases is critical because it is what converts website visitors to leads and eventually to customers.

Click here and fill out this short form and we will give you a FREE RANKINGS REPORT and quote on Search Engine Optimization
Trade Show Division
If you read the trade magazines and journals, then you know that practically every week there is a conference, trade show or home and garden show just teeming with potential customers who are looking for what you do. But who has the time?

At EveryContractor, we realize that your focus is on getting jobs done, not traveling from one trade show to the next.

Our tradeshow division serves all 50 states, attending two or three shows per week. Working with us is like having a skilled marketing team at 100 shows per year! We log the hours on the road, shake hands with potential customers, and put our best face forward on your behalf.
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