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How It Works for Industry Professionals
EveryContractor is an industry leader in both online and offline localized search marketing.
For the Industry Professional: At EveryContractor, your success is our bottom line.
Here’s how it works.
We know that the key to engaging customers is to give them the best information related to what they are looking for – at the time they are looking for it.

EveryContractor leverages the 700 million searches conducted daily on the Internet. When potential customers type in specific keywords with major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, Lycos, Iwon, Excite, and others – we connect them to our extensive network of web pages at EveryContractor.com. We ask questions that are directly related to the need of the customer. Customers include homeowners, property developers, real estate agencies, commercial builders and municipal planners.

Then, EveryContractor’s proprietary technology matches customers with industry professionals in their geographical area. The local search capabilities for specific niche markets offer an invaluable tool for the customer: skilled contractors and service professionals ready to work with them.

In addition to our saturation of the Internet, EveryContractor uses traditional marketing methods to reach the non-Internet community. From local home and garden tradeshows to television advertising to six prongs of business development, our commitment is to locate the best local customer for you – the customer who otherwise would not have found you.

EveryContractor helps member businesses connect with purchase-ready buyers, convert leads to sales, and maximize the value of customer relationships. Our online and offline communities provide a quick and easy no-cost solution for customers to find a professional or specialist quickly.

EveryContractor matches consumers and the entire construction development community to your business. By partnering with EveryContractor, you will:

1. Grow your business by winning new customers; and

2. Focus your time and sales efforts effectively.
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