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Professional Testimonials
We are pleased to receive consistent high ratings from the thousands of service professionals and contractors who work with us.
The professionals in the EveryContractor network are at the core of our success.
At EveryContractor, our goal is to make finding a qualified, pre-screened professional easy, fast and free. We work hard to meet that goal by:
1. Maintaining a database of more than 30,000 pre-screened service professionals;

2. Working with you to establish the timeframe, budget and style of professional that works best for you; and

3. Following through with old-fashioned courtesy that is all too rare in today’s high-speed world: we’ll call you to make sure that your experience with the contractor was everything that you expected.

Our customers, or “consumers,” include homeowners, renters, property managers, insurance companies, real estate agents and commercial builders. Whether you need your bathroom tile re-grouted or are building a skyscraper, every contact that we have with you is important to us. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their satisfaction with the EveryContractor experience:
Steve Holloway

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the successful launch of Everycontractor.com. The Associated General Contractors of Las Vegas views your website as a natural extension of our industry advocacy, education and outreach program. Everycontractor.com will allow us to instantly update our members and construction industry observers to the local, state and national legislative and political issues that affect them. We look forward to working with the Everycontractor.com staff to make the most of this powerful information medium.

Steve Holloway
Executive Vice President
Ronnie Jernigan

We would like to express to you how excited we are about our new experience with Everycontractor.com. There are so many companies on the Internet today that are constantly trying to open new fields, that it is difficult to take the time to discuss business with them. James being a very professional and patient Salesperson took the time to explain Everycontractor.com in a manner that was easily understood, by the Sales Representatives and the President of our company. There were several redundant questions but James was always patient and understanding. We at Connie Manufacturing Company enjoy doing business with professionals such as James. We look forward to ding business with professionals such as James. We look forward to doing business with you and our companies growing together.

Ronnie Jernigan
Sales Manager
Gaylene J. Potter

This is to confirm our endorsement of Everycontractor, Inc., effective immediately, as an organization engaged in the business of operating an internet portal website for purposes of providing media services, marketing services and web hosting services to parties engaged in the construction industry on both a local and nationwide basis. This letter will serve as our authorization for Everycontractor to publicize the Bid Depository as an organization that endorses Everycontractor for the services listed above, and for that purpose only, they may use the Bid Depository logo and name, as an acknowledgment of such endorsement.


Southern Nevada Sub-Contractors’

Gaylene J. Potter,

cc: Bid Depository Board of Directors
Charles Reichold

James, the city of Las Vegas has penned a memo requesting owner/builders to demonstrate the same level of technical competence as a registered design professional and since we would

never suggest a drafting service or contractor for liability reasons, could we refer owners to your web site to find the help and expertise they need. If they access the site is it easy to find the information they need?

Thanks for your cooperation,
City of Las Vegas Building Department
Express Plans Check – Chas R.
Jennifer Gentry

"Your service is awesome. When I first signed up I expected many smaller projects but I was surprised to see many larger Government and Commercial opportunities listed on the site as well. The service has opened several new doors for me and it has been very good for my business. Within 1 year I was able to land 1 project that was valued at over $100 thousand dollars and I am bidding on another one that looks promising this week!"
Michael A. Paulson

Two weeks ago our company joined EveryContractor.com on a trial basis. During that short time period we were able to secure one large contract and bid on three others that look very promising. Prior to joining we were not aware that services like this were available. We were so satisfied with the service we immediately locked in the Annual Payment Program and are very much looking forward to the next year. EveryContractors.com is not like other "Internet Referral Companies" as you pay one flat monthly fee for the month instead of paying a fee for each project. This is a much needed service in the construction industry and we are very pleased that we are now part of it.
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