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Marketing Your Contacting Business - Compare Every Contractor's Programs

Featured Listing Program (FLP)
The annual cost of this program is only $999.
This program provides you business with a minumum of 12 leads or your money back.
You will receive notification of your project leads in real time via email, fax and automated phone calls.
Your companys listing will receive Featured Listing placementin the Everycontractor.com online directory.
You can easily update your profile at any time as your business grows!
EverycContractor.coms online directory listing works for your company 24 hours a day.
Your company will be featured in your city and all cities within a 25-miles radius.
Start today to benifit from millions of daily searches on the Internet by customers looking for your services!
Click here to learn more about the Featured Listing Program..
Preferred Contractor Program (PCP)
EveryContractors Preffered Contractor Program is a very aggressive strategy for marketing your company with guaranteed results.
The entire marketing package cost begins at $3,000 (costs vary depending on your company profile).
You will receive unlimited qualified leads sent to you directly by our job coordination department.
A team of job coordinators will work for you verifying jobs and contacting your potential customers on your behalf.
Your company listing will be placed in the Everycontractor.com directory above Featured Listings.
After our team verifies each lead, you will receive notification via email, fax and automated phone call.
You can easily update your company profile at any time.
Enjoy placement in unlimited matching categories at no additional charge.
Our team will review your company profile to make sure that your company shows up in the right categories on the Everycontractor.com website.
We'll market your company in all geographical areas where you provide service.
Each lead will be exclusive as long as the customer is contacted within 24 hours of service request.
Every Contractor's marketing team will work for you to provide additional exposure for your company through the major Internet search engines including Google,AOL, and Yahoo!
Click here to learn more about the Preferred Contractor Program..
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