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Kitchen Problems Solved
Courtesy of ARAContent
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June 12th, 2007
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font face="Arial"> font face="Arial"> font face="Arial">Kitchen Problems Solved
br />

(ARA) - Building your kitchen seemed like it would be fun and easy, until you discovered that inconvenient, load-bearing beam, or how enormous the room felt when you knocked down that wall. Now you’ll have to spend a fortune on custom cabinets to deal with these pesky problems, right?
br />
br /> Not always. According to kitchen designers, many of these problems can be solved with a little creativity and stock or semi-custom cabinetry. “Most people think the best kitchen is the one with the most embellishments or expensive products. But that’s not what makes a kitchen beautiful or easy to use,” says Andy Wells, vice president of product design for Decora Cabinets, a line of semi-custom cabinets that are made in Jasper, Ind., and sold through a network of 1,000 dealers nationwide.
br />
br /> The winners of this year’s “Design with Decora” contest, taken from real kitchens created for clients by Decora’s dealers, illustrates how smart design can solve some of the most common problems kitchen builders and remodelers face.
br />
br /> Problem #1: Lots of space and high ceilings.
br />
br /> While large kitchens have all the space you’ll ever need, dividing it up into manageable portions is hard. “Fortunately, I had a client who believes in having only one focal point in the room, which in this case, is the limestone mantle hood we created over the range,” says Neil Luck, of NHL Cabinets and Design in Long Beach, Calif., who won the “best kitchen in the nation” award from Decora for this expansive but well-balanced kitchen.
br />
br /> Luck used several strategies, including creating a separate butler’s pantry off the main kitchen space, containing a second dishwasher, a second large copper farmhouse sink, copper countertops, a wine chiller, pantry and cabinets which served as a built-in display area for the client’s extensive collection of crystal, china and antique linens. He kept most of the cabinets below countertop level to create open spaces with a clear sightline to the adjoining living room, he says. The very large, 72-inch refrigerator was covered with matching wood panels to tone down its impact. Triple-stack crown molding with black accents joined the cabinets to the high ceiling. The understated kitchen island with a black finish provided an important visual break, too.
br />
br /> Ellen Cheever, a noted kitchen designer, educator, and writer for “Kitchen and Bath Design News” says, “We particularly liked how they used the stained glass windows around the hood to lighten the space.”
br />
br /> Problem #2: No room for an island, and short on storage space.
br />
br /> What do you do when you really want an island with seating, and the floor plan doesn’t allow it? In the case of this kitchen in Bloomington, Minn., named “best kitchen in the Midwest,”  Decora designer Tracy Foslien had a unique solution -- create a thin, asymmetrical island that juts the seating area just past the rest of the cabinets.
br />
br /> “My client wanted lots of detail in the cabinetry, so everywhere we could, we added embellishments like columns, corbels and extra molding to make it look more like free standing furniture,” says Foslein, of Home Valu Interiors in Bloomington. Foslein used an eggshell finish to unify all the cabinetry combined with toile wallpaper in a cheerful cobalt blue and white. The tight proportion
Posted: 6/12/2007 8:29:14 PM by ARA | with 0 Comments Filed under: .

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