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An Introduction to Everycontractor's Image Search
Why should consumers use Everycontractor's Image Search
How to use Everycontractor's Image Search
3 Easy Steps on how to use Image Search
What is an Image Set
How to Save a Photo to a Project
How to Save a Photo to your Favorites
How to View the Details of a Photo
How to Upload your own Photo to a Project
What is My Favorites
An Introduction to Everycontractor's Image Search
The Image search is the first and a one-of-a-kind and technology advancement for contractors to showcase off their work to the world of consumers. On a flipside, those consumers can browse through thousands of photos that are made available from contractors and add them to their projects or to their favorites. With this technology, consumers can visually show contractors the type of material, or the way they want something for their project that might be for their home or business.
Consumers can also upload their own photos from a digital camera or by scanning a photo using our Upload Photo feature located in their account. Consumers can now visually attach their own personal photos to show contractors their ideal project for your home or business.

When uploading a photo from the consumer side, that photo is protected and is attached to the project that that consumer specifies. That uploaded photo can ONLY be seen by the consumer and the contractor.

Quick, Convenient, and Safe.
Why should consumers use Everycontractor's Image Search
First and foremost, this feature is FREE. Using the Image search feature to browse for photos achieves a new level of interaction from a consumer stand point to the professionals. If a consumer is browsing photos that contractors have uploaded, and they see an photo you would like to save to a project for a home improvement or business improvement, they just click Save Photo.

When you are saving a photo to a project, you will be required to type in the name for that photo, a description, and select the project you have created. With descriptions, you can explain why you like that photo or if something that has stood out out. Example: You are looking at a deck photo, and see the wood used for the deck, you just simply explain in the description that you like the deck and would want something like that. Once you save that photo, the contractor that gets matched to your project will see the photo and see your notes. It's that easy!!!

You can also save photos to your favorites section in your control panel with your FREE acount. You can save as many favorite photos as you want to your account and when you want to create a project, just go back to your favorites, and click add photo to project.
How to use Everycontractor's Image Search

Using Everycontractor's Image Search is FREE and easy. Everycontractor has created a simple and easy to use system for all consumers. You can Save a Photo to a project or Save a Photo to your favorites section instantly. You simply type in a keyword, and search. When you find the photo you want to add to your project or save to your favorites, just click the link and follow the on-screen instructions.

Type in a keyword in the Browse Images search bar and click the search button.

Browse through thousands of photos. When you see a photo you like, click Save Photo.

Follow the on-screen instructions that popup on the page. Once saved; you can do it all over again until you are finished.

What is an Image Set?
An Image Set on Everycontractor's Image Search, defines whether a photo belongs to a group of photos or if that photo is a single photo. An Image Set is is defined with a ORANGE MARKER on the image or photo. See left side image for details.

An image or photo that was taken and is singular; independent and not attached to any other image or photo or image set.

Before and After:
Consists of 2 images or photos that showcase a project. Images or photos can show work before, in progress, and the end of the project.

3 or more images or photos from a project. An entire project from beginning to end, or different areas of a project that the contractor has performed work on.
How to Save a Photo to a Project
To save a photo to a project, you can start by entering a keyword and search for the photo you would like to add to your project. Once you find that photo, click Save Photo. A window will appear asking how you would like to save that photo. Choose the Save Photo to a Project link. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not have a project created, our system will take you through a project creation wizard and then you will have the option to save your photo to the project you just created.
How to Save a Photo to your Favorites
Another great feature with the Everycontractor's Image Search, is having the ability to save photos to future projects. Enter a keyword and search for the photo you would like to save to your favorites. Once you have chosen a photo, click Save Photo. You will be greeted with 2 options. Choose Save Photo to Favorites. You will receive a confirmation that that photo has been saved to your favorites in your account.
How to View the Details of a Photo

Each photo comes with it's own details. The details of a photo are provided by the contractor and shares photo information about that project, and what the photo is about. A consumer has the ability to read all details that are attached to a photo. To view the details of a photo, enter a keyword from Browse Images to see photos. Once you have found a photo you would like to view it's details, click the link under the photo that says " View Photo ".

On the details page for that photo, you can see whether that photo is a single photo, before or after, or a sequence of photos together to show a project from beginning to end.

Photos that are attached as an Image Set have an orange bar through the photo saying, Image Set .

You also have the ability to Save Photos from this page to your My Favorites, rate photos you see, and even comment on photos for the community to see your comment.

How to Upload your own Photo to a Project

Can't find the photo you are looking for? You can upload your own photos to a project and show it to contractors, Free and Secure. When you upload a photo or photos to a project, provides a secure method of delievering your personal photos to contractors directly of what you want for your ideal project.

While on Image Search, choose the link; "Upload Your Own Photos". A window will popup asking you what project you want to add your uploaded image too. Once you chosen a project, or create a new project, the upload wizard will prompt you to browse through your computer to select the photo you want to upload. Once you have selected your photo, click OK. If you are ready to upload that photo, click the green button " Upload Photo". Once the upload is completed, you will get a confirmation window with a preview of that photo you uploaded. If you approve of this uploaded photo, click the green button, "Approve Photo". Once you approve your photo, the photo will be available in your project summary in your account, and you will have the option to upload more photos or close the window.

What is My Favorites
  My Favorites is a feature that comes with your FREE account in your control panel. My Favorites gives the consumers the ability to add photos from the Image Search and save them for future ideal projects to show your friends, family, or co-workers.

There are 2 methods to Save Photos to your My Favorites.

1. You can click Save Photo, and once the popup shows, click Save to My Favorites link.

2. Click View Photo, and once on the Image Details page, click Add to My Favorites.